Everyone fell in love with this bride, who went down the (food) aisle in her full wedding dress

Everyone has fallen in love with this bride who is leaving

Bride Zaakiyah Achmat and groom Ridhaa Ryklief. Picture credits: Shakir Achmat.

Here comes the bride …

This bride and groom were busy with their wedding day on February 23, when, after their detour, they gave the South Africans the greatest pleasure in buying a snack between their photo shoot and their wedding party.

After a "jump shot" and a "run away" outside the UCT Jammie staircase on a hot Saturday afternoon, the couple's driver offered to take them to a store to get some water before going to their wedding reception.

In the Rondebosch Pick n Pay-Gang the newlyweds were still photographed in their wedding outfits. In the end, they bought bottled water and a packet of chips.

The bride was caught in her white wedding dress and smiled with a packet of chips in her hands while her husband – in a silver-gray suit – thought about his choice of chips in the distance.

The bride, Zaakiyah Achmat, says that they were greeted by stare when they entered the shop when a man finally came up to them and asked to take a picture.

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"I did not think that would be such a big deal," says the 21-year-old bride. She describes herself as a private person and was surprised when her cousins ​​sent screenshots of Twitter from them.

Shortly after, Pick n Pay, featured in the post, asked Twitter users to help them find a happy couple that sent them a wedding gift, and all hands were on deck on the social media platform.

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"Since they decided on a special day with us, we thought it would be a wonderful opportunity to give them a nice surprise to celebrate," says Janine Caradonna, spokeswoman for Pick & Pay.

This wedding was definitely a communal affair, even beyond Twitter. Zaakiyah says her cousin took her wedding pictures and the other family members helped to help in different ways.

Everyone has fallen in love with this bride who is leaving

Bride Zaakiyah Achmat and groom Ridhaa Ryklief. Picture credits: Shakir Achmat

"We were so happy to have so much help from our family that everyone wanted to help and get involved … it was lovely," says the newlywed girl.

She still takes all the new attention and says, "I do not have many friends, I'm usually like a wallflower, and knowing people are celebrating me and my husband … I do not know how to feel it except Wow. "

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The pair is expecting the retail giant's surprise after being contacted on social media Monday after his wedding.

We wonder what it is!

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