"My f * k, Marelize …" – The reaction to girls riding bikes in rugby posts has people in the lurch


A video of a girl bumping into a rugby stick has become viral, not so much because of lack of coordination, but mostly because of the reaction of the person recording "epic failures."

In the video "Marelize" rides her bike on the rugby field of Affies Park in Windhoek. She moves in a circular motion and then goes straight to the rugby sticks before she falls straight into them.

The woman she films then calls out to Afrikaans: "My foc, Marelize …" before approaching her.

The origin of the video and the identity of Marelize are unknown, but the material has been disseminated on social media platforms. Many commentators say that "My fok, Marelize" is quickly becoming a new term for Afrikaans that expresses irritation or annoyance.