Leading SAA pilot flown for 20 years with a fake license – Report


A senior pilot resigned from SAA earlier this year after it turned out that he had flown commercial aircraft with a fake license for more than 20 years. Mail & Guardian reported on Friday,

According to reports, the SAA has discovered that the flight license for William Chandler for the transport of aircraft has been falsified.

This was reported to have been determined following a "reportable incident" investigation on a flight he was piloting.

The Mail & Guardian reported that the incident involving flight SA206 from OR Tambo International Airport to Frankfurt (Germany) in November was via Swiss airspace.

According to the newspaper, Chandler was the surveillance pilot (copilot) on the trip and had control at the time of the incident.

SAA spokesman Tlali Tlali allegedly said that an investigation into the incident led to the discovery that Chandler's license was fake.

In a statement released on Friday, Tlali confirmed this statement that Chandler had provided false information
the airline, claiming he was qualified and had an air transport
Pilot License (ATPL) if he only had a commercial pilot license.

"It is a
SAA requirement that all pilots receive an ATPL license within five years
her employment as a pilot at SAA. This is associated with the senior first officer
Status and forms part of their conditions of employment as defined in the SAA
Pilot scheme agreement. Any pilot who does not receive this license will do so
have quit their employment with the airline, "said Tlali.

Promotion was rejected

It was also reportedly explained why Chandler chose the rank of captain in 2005 because he should have submitted his certification.

Chandler is said to have joined SAA in 1994 as a pilot.

The airline now wants Chandler to repay the fraudulent money, including benefits. That could cost millions, Tlali told the newspaper.

On Friday, Tlali said Chandler did not pose a security risk to the operation of SAA because he had a valid professional pilot license and was the commander of the aircraft.

"The pilot had successfully completed all necessary safety training. However, we find it worrying that false information has been provided about the type of license the pilot is supposed to have, "Tlali said.

In 2010, a Swedish pilot who had flown without a passenger airplane for 13 years without a license was fined R $ 32,000 and banned from flying for 12 months. The Telegraph reports,

Although he dropped his expired pilot's license and was not allowed to fly from a Dutch court for a year, the court found that he had not caused an accident in the 13 years.

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