"My husband, Marelize" speaks with us: "I fall down every day"


Marelize Horn, 19, the Namibian who rammed her bike into a rugby post in a viral video, described herself as an "ongeluksvoël" (accident prone) that breaks down almost every day.

"My mother Heidi says," My Fok, Marelize, "comes to me almost every day, I dump things, go in – it's crazy how awkward I am," Marelize said Friday to News24.

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Horn was shocked by the big reaction to the video. "I'm shocked, I keep calling my mother to ask her if it's all a dream!"

In the video, Marelize rides her bike on the rugby field in the Affies Park in Windhoek. She moves in a circular motion and then goes straight to the rugby posts before she falls directly into them.

Her mother then calls out to Afrikaans: "My Fok, Marelize …" before approaching her.

According to Marelize, the response was overwhelming. "There is already a T-shirt with the sentence!"

At 10:30 on Saturday Horn trained to ride a bike. "I know that sounds weird, but at the age of 19 I'm finally learning to ride a bicycle."

She says she and her mother decided to ride on the sports field, because if she fell, she would not hurt herself too much on the lush lawn.

"My mother made a video of me riding so we could watch it later to find any mistakes I made."

According to Horn, she drove well until she approached the rugby sticks.

"I wanted to turn right, but the bike just kept going left, I had no control over the thing, then I crashed into the pole."

Although she was "squeezed" everywhere, she told News24 that she was not seriously injured and wanted to cycle again.

"I actually have a lot of videos in which I cycle perfectly," she said.

Apart from the now famous phrase "My fok, Marelize", Heidi's first answer after the fall was: "Is the bike okay?"

Marelize says it was a rented bike and Heidi worried about possible damage.

"The main reason for learning to ride a bicycle is that I'm moving to the Netherlands later this year to work as an au pair, so I have to move."

Horn is currently making calls from radio stations and other media after it has become a nocturnal sensation.

"It's unbelievable – it's almost too much takeaway," Horn told News24.

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The T-Shirt "My Fok, Marelize". (Supplied.

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