Princess Diana stopped wearing Chanel after Prince Charles split up

Princess Diana wore no Chanel

Princess Diana in a dress by Christina Stambolian, 1994. Credit: Getty Images

Chanel's double-Cs are women's cryptones, but to Princess Diana they meant heartbreak. Just as a once-popular fragrance can begin to smell like a betrayal.

There is much to say about the enduring style of the late Princess of Wales, who has influenced generations of trends and designers. Her suits, two-pieces, affinity for polka dots, color-inhibiting and non-breaking Bardot-Neckline dresses made her all her stylist.

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Princess Diana could always be seen with a head item outside of her ministry. Luxury brands from France and Italy, including Dior and Versace, were also part of her memorable but never-flashy wardrobe.

But there is a label the princess could not wear after she divorced Prince Charles. Chanel by Coco Chanel.

In one (n exclusive to Harper & # 39; s BAZAARAustralian designer Jayson Brundson revealed why the princess did not wear Chanel.

On Princess Diana's visit to Australia in 1996, Jayson got the opportunity to help her styling. Remembering how he found a pair of Chanel shoes when choosing dresses, Jayson advised her to complete her Versace look.

"She said, no, I can not wear affiliated Cs, the double C," the designer told Harper's BAZAAR.


"It's Camilla and Charles."

The People's Princess had previously had no aversion to Chanel, but after the affair of her ex-husband, the logo of the brand was a trigger.

"It was definitely the time, it was after the divorce, she saw Cs and they just reminded her of Charles and Camilla," Jayson said.

A few people may refer to the need to distance themselves from memories of a past lover – whether after a divorce or after a breakup. Therefore, people advise against getting something permanent like a tattoo in the name of love.

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Some people have told anecdotes about how they finally stopped liking certain foods, places, shows, musicians, and sports after they split up. But this is different from having to get rid of something that you once really enjoyed, because the memories associated with it are now spoiled.

If nothing at all pretends to be a cricket fan or a fan of gqom, then that is emancipation.

This is what Twitter users release after disconnecting with their partners. As expected, the music was at its peak (you can probably guess the genre as well).

It seems that no one on Twitter would let a little heartache come between them and good food, as none of the interviewees stopped visiting a particular restaurant that reminded them of an ex. But * Buhle just had to let The Dros go:

I stopped going to the Dros Restaurant because I met my ex-boyfriend there. It became our preferred meeting place. We even had our special table at the back corner of the restaurant. I enjoyed her nachos. Even the waiters knew us by name, so it's kind of awkward to go there with my husband. I have no lasting feelings for my ex, but the restaurant feels dirty now. I do not think it will ever be my first choice. – * Buhle

* Cindy is probably one of several people who feel the smell of an ex-partner and probably would not give anyone that fragrance.

I never really gave up on myself after a breakup. Most of what happened is that I was upset by a perfume my ex used, but I do not bump it often. – * Cindy

After all, it's alright to give up sweet things that you trigger now, even if it's Chanel. And once you're healed, do not forget to get up and put on that vengeance, just as Princess Diana taught us.

Princess Diana stopped wearing Chanel

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