"She had a very bright future ahead of her" – the heroic student was stabbed in Cape Town while protecting the disabled boy


Students and teachers mourn at Muizenberg High School in Cape Town after 18-year-old Janet Ntozini was murdered trying to protect a vulnerable person in her community on the weekend.

"Our information is that she tried to intervene when a parishioner reportedly beat a disabled boy," said Jessica Shelver, MEC provincial education spokeswoman, Debbie Schafer, on Wednesday.

The Western Cape police confirmed that she was stabbed three times after an altercation with a man in Vrygrond.

Captain FC van Wyk said she had been hospitalized but died as a result of her injuries.

Officials arrested the 23-year-old suspect on Sunday evening and appeared on Tuesday in Muizenberg district court.

The villagers set off after the knife was cut, and Van Wyk confirmed that a house in Vrygrond had been destroyed and cars burnt on Doring Street.

The owner of the house, who is not a suspect in the murder, refused to open a criminal case.

"Our hearts are broken"

According to her headmaster and the Western Cape Education Department, Ntozini had shown promise as a student and footballer.

Director Leonie Jacobsen told News24 Wednesday that death is a tragedy and they recognize Ntozini as a "hero".

"Our hearts are broken … She was a success, a turnaround in education, she was in danger, a girl who could really have gone the other way and been a statistic.

"Her values ​​were fantastic, and her acute sense of community finally got her involved in something that made her vulnerable and vulnerable."

Shelver said Ntozini has achieved excellent academic results over the past year and recently football scouts in the province have seen them.

"She was a tough cookie, but a real team player."

Jacobsen said they encouraged Ntozini to continue her football career after school.

"She was an excellent footballer and had potential for Banyana Banyana, a tough cookie but a real team player."

At school, troubled friends and teachers lit candles and placed flowers with the words "RIP Janet" and "For the hero in all of us".

For their friends and others at the school they needed, a consultation was offered.

Shelver said, "She died while she was alive – courageous and courageous to stand up for those who were unable to stand up for herself – she had a very bright future ahead of her and the school community is on the losing end of such a boy Ground destroyed, beautiful life. "

The school will hold a memorial for them on Wednesday and has asked all to wear the favorite color pink of Ntozini.

Her family would travel to the Eastern Cape to bury her.