Tanzania teacher hanging up to kill the student


An executioner is the noose

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The death penalty is legal in Tanzania, but the last execution was in 1994

A teacher in Tanzania was sentenced to death because he beat a student so much that he died from his injuries.

Judge Lameck Mlacha said that 51-year-old Respicius Mtazangira, who had been hit repeatedly with a blunt object last August, had acted maliciously.

The teacher had accused the 14-year-old Sperius Eradius to have stolen the handbag of a teacher.

Corporal punishment can only be carried out at certain schools in Tanzanian schools.

A maximum of four strokes can be given and the headmaster must be present. The punishment can only be carried out by the headmaster or by an authorized person.

BBC's Aboubakar Famau in Dar-es-Salaam says this is a rare, high-level judgment designed to protect students in the country.

The news of the boy's death last year at the Kibeta Elementary School in Bukoba City provoked national outrage and demands for justice. Eradius' family refused to bury his body until the perpetrator was arrested.

Although death sentences can be imposed by law, Tanzania has not carried out any execution since 1994.

Mtazangira has the right to appeal.

His co-defendant, Heriet Gerald – the teacher whose purse was the victim of the theft – was not found guilty of committing a crime.

Correction: In an earlier version of this story, it was wrongly stated that the punishment of the body is illegal