At least 5 were killed in Nigeria when the transporter attacked the Boko Haram mine


– One resident says at least five farmers are dead and dozens have been injured
Northeastern Nigeria after her vehicle hit a landmine buried by Boko Haram

Bello-Indimi Zabarmari says that
Explosion occurred on Wednesday. He says the mine was planted as extremists
fled after attempting to attack Khaddamari near Maiduguri in Borno
on the eve of the elections of 23 February.

Zabarmari says the farmers are defying
Warnings of the soldiers not to use the road because they wanted to reach theirs
Cucumber farms.

He says four died at the scene
and a fifth died in a hospital.

A security source that spoke on condition of
Anonymity because they had no authority to speak with reporters
an estimated seven dead.

Nigeria's uprising in Boko Haram
is now a decade old.