The Egyptian actor says the military court sentenced him to 8 years


An Egyptian actor known for his criticism of President Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi's administration said on Thursday that a military court had sentenced him to eight years in prison in two separate cases, most recently in a far-reaching crackdown on dissidents and Media in Egypt in recent years.

Amr Waked, a 45-year-old actor living in Spain, said his lawyer said he was convicted for "spreading false news and insulting state institutions."

The lawyer, Malek Adly, said his client was sentenced to three years in one case and five years in the other case. He said he had asked the authorities for more details so that he could appeal the sentences.

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Waked, who has been living in Barcelona since October 2017, said he has no idea what the lawsuit is against and that he can not return to his homeland.

However, he said that Samir Sabry, a pro-government attorney with a reputation for moral vigilance and prominence, filed a lawsuit against the famous actor in a military court and charged him with insulting the Egyptian military. Waked denied the charges.

The complaint came a few days after Waked criticized the legislature's approval of a controversial agreement in 2016 that would relocate two strategic Red Sea islands to Saudi Arabia.

He is a UN Goodwill Ambassador and is internationally known for his roles in films such as The Thriller 2005 Syriana with George Clooney, the romantic comedy drama of 2011 Salmon fishing in Yemenand the science fiction 2014 Lucy with Scarlet Johansson.

Waked will star in the Hulu series next month Rami, a comedy about a first generation Egyptian American. He plays the father of Rami.

Egypt under El-Sissi has massively attacked dissenters in recent years, imprisoning thousands of people, reversing the freedoms won in the 2011 uprising and silencing almost all the dissenting voices.

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