Former Ambassador Mohammed Dangor, an ICU wife after a brutal attack


The ANC says it was shocking and sad when he learned that former ambassador Mohammed Dangor and his wife are currently in intensive care after a brutal Friday morning attack.

"The ANC strongly condemns this pointless crime.

"We are confident that the criminal justice system will act swiftly to ensure the arrest, prosecution and prompt punishment of these criminals," ANC spokesman Dakota Legoete said in a statement on Friday.

Dangor, the brother of ANC Deputy General Secretary Jessie Duarte, served as Ambassador of South Africa to Libya, Syria and Saudi Arabia.

"Dangor served his country and his people both during the liberation struggle and after 1994 with selflessness.

The ANC called on law enforcement agencies not to rock one another in the search for the suspects behind the attack.

Brigadier Mathapelo Peters, police officer of the Gauteng Police, said a case of home robbery and attempted murder was being investigated.

"The police are currently not free to disclose or confirm the identity of the victims," ​​she said.

"Preliminary information indicates that laptops and cell phones were allegedly taken by the robbers before further investigations were initiated, including the processing of the crime scene …"

There are no arrests yet.