Mpumalanga man grabbed for flinging bricks at school windows and the police


A Mpumalanga man allegedly throwing bricks at the windows of a local school is being guarded in the hospital after the police shot him and injured him.

The incident took place on Thursday at Mmametlhake High School.

A video of the incident turns on social media and shows a man throwing bricks at the school's windows. Later, two policemen arrive in a police car.

The man attacks the police and pushes them down with bricks.


Police spokesman Brigadier Leonard Hlathi said the police had been sent to the school following a complaint.

"Upon their arrival, however, they discovered that a certain man actually damaged the school windows with bricks – an incident that frightened educators and learners.

"Later, we were made aware that the man had arrived at the school and asked to see the headmaster when he was told that it was not feasible for him to see the Headmaster.

"He is said to rage and destroy the school windows, so the police were called," Hlathi said.

He added that the man also made his anger on the two police officers when they arrived in a designated vehicle.

"He certainly had a clear intention to inflict mortal wounds on the female officer in the car.

"She had to dive and tried to dodge the rain of bricks that the suspect hurled in her direction."

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The man somehow managed to open the door of the police car while he was on the move.

"During this process, the female officer was thrown out of the spinning vehicle and suffered minor injuries."

Hlathi said the man had run after the police car.

"At this point, the police had no choice but to use force by shooting at the angry man to protect everyone nearby."

"Only then was he subjected and arrested, and the IPID (Independent Police Investigative Directorate) was briefed on the incident and will conduct his own investigation," Hlathi said.

The man is accused of attacking police officers and proving malicious damage after his release from hospital.

Cop shot by suspected hijackers

In another incident on Wednesday, suspects shot and injured a Mpumalanga police officer. The police ask for information that would lead to the arrest of the suspects.

Hlathi said the officer and his colleague responded to a complaint in Delmas when they were shot.

According to preliminary reports, the two police officers saw that a light had flashed from a mobile phone and considered it the complainant.

"You [went] Towards the light and saw a truck, which was open at the back. Suddenly shots were fired from the truck in the direction of the two officers. "

The officers returned the fire. However, one of them was hit by a bullet before the suspects fled, Hlathi said.

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