WATCH: PE man, who was almost swallowed by whale, escapes unhurt


An operator of Port Elizabeth Tour has narrowly escaped with his life after being nearly swallowed by a whale.

51-year-old Rainer Schimpf, who takes whale watching tourists to Algoa Bay, was filmed as his legs hung from the mouth of a Bryde whale. time Live reported.

In a video that has since been viewed more than 185,500 times and shared 63,320 times, Schimpf said he was grateful that he was spat out by the mammal.

"It happened extremely fast, from an observer, I suddenly became an inmate, in a whale," said Schimpf.

"It gave me a great connection to the whale, which I believe he has never had before," continued Schimpf in the video.

Schimpf remembered the moment and said, "It was getting dark and I felt some pressure on my hip and I knew immediately that a whale had grabbed me".

"In such a situation there is no time for fear, you must use your instinct," said Schimpf.

He said MYPE "He felt the pressure around his hip increase, and I think the whale noticed his mistake as he turned sideways, opening his mouth slightly to free me, and I was washed out, along with the feeling that it was how tons of water felt. "

Schimpf said it was an "interesting experience for him, but nothing he would ever want to do again."

"I now have insider knowledge about a whale no one else has," concluded Schimpf.