Ethiopian Airlines crash: 11 readings on the plane that fell from the sky


The Boeing 737 Max 8 from Ethiopian Airlines was in the air for about six minutes before it crashed. 157 people from 35 countries were killed. Take a look at some of our stories:

  • It was a Boeing 737 MAX 8 departing from Addis Ababa on the way to Nairobi
  • There are currently 300 of these aircraft in operation worldwide
  • Chinese, Ethiopian and Indonesian authorities have established these aircraft
  • The plane was still in use in South Africa on Monday
  • The "black box" of the Boeing with flight data and cockpit voice recorder was found

Ethiopian Airlines crashed Boeing 737's Black Box & # 39; from

The doomed "black box" of Boeing 737 Max 8 from Ethiopian Airlines was found.

The flights between Joburg and Cape Town with a controversial Boeing model will be continued – as the SA aviation, the aircraft maneuvers questioned

The South African Civil Aviation Authority is in contact with Comair and Boeing when deciding whether to set up a now controversial new Boeing model in South Africa.

Twitter user lambast Comair for flying similar Boeing 737 crashed

South African social media users have joined Twitter to express their fears after Comair announced it would continue to operate its Boeing 737 Max 8 aircraft.

Comair decommissioning the new Boeing 737-8 Max

Comair has decided to remove the 737 MAX from the flight plan after it came under fire after three other international airlines withdrew the controversial aircraft model.

These 3 African airlines use the Boeing 737-8 Max

Comair and the SACAA are in discussions when the safety of the Boeing 737-8 Max was questioned following the unfortunate crash of the Ethiopian Airlines on Sunday.

"I am grateful to live", the passenger says after a crashed flight for 2 minutes

A Greek man said he had missed the Ethiopian Airlines deadly flight, killing all 157 on board for coming to the gate two minutes late.

Government officials, doctors among victims of plane crashes in Ethiopia

Doctors, government officials, humanists, academics and tourists are among the dead in the crash of an Ethiopian Airlines plane.

Ethiopia mourns for casualties as investigators seek answers

Ethiopia after a day of mourning after a crash of the Boeing 737 Max 8 Ethiopian Airlines.

Boeing CEO faces the biggest crisis as a fatal crash plane

Dennis Muilenburg, Boeing's Chief Executive Officer, faces his biggest crisis after the second deadly crash of a 737 Max airliner. Airlines are being asked to close the best-seller bottleneck and threaten to end Boeing's three-year equity rally.

Boeing 737 MAX safety record questioned after two tragedies

For the second time in less than six months, a Boeing 737 MAX crashed eight minutes after launch and killed everyone on board. This raised new questions about the security of a model that is critical to the future plans of the US giant.

The share price of Boeing is hit hard after the crash in Ethiopia

Boeing, the highest weighted stock in the Dow, defeats the Dow.

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