Family disturbed as the body of an SA woman who died in the Bahamas, does not come home


The body of Nobuhle Bhengu, a former cruise ship employee who died in the Bahamas, will not come home and will be burned instead, according to a family member.

The Bhengu family is crying a hideous game now, saying that the Bahamas government has played with them.

"It's like trying to hide something," her aunt, Mbali Bhengu, told News24 on Tuesday.

Her niece was attacked by a sudden illness that has yet to be officially diagnosed.

"Infectious disease"

The Bahamian government says it will now cremate its body because it fears that its unexplained disease may be contagious.

Bhengu said she has found that her niece has been hospitalized anemia when she talked to her first. She said her employer, MSC, called the stomach flu for her hospitalization.

They were also told that they could have had TB,

"We disagree with this decision, they had many obstacles, even though we try to bring the body back, it was only one thing at a time," Bhengu said.

The Department of International Relations and Cooperation welcomed the return of Buhles Asche as progress.

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Minister Lindiwe Sisulu said the family had gone to the Bahamas to visit the body and agreed that she should be burned.

But Bhengu said they had no choice but to agree.

"You [Bahamas] came with many different excuses. In the end, they finally managed to convince our government. If our government is convinced, no one will be left to fight for us. So we agreed. "

By Tuesday afternoon, her family had received passports and waited for airline tickets to travel to the Caribbean to see the remains of their family members.

"She was our light, she was ours, she was our breadwinner."

Sisulu thanked the Bhengu family "for understanding that the mortal remains of their daughter could not be returned to the SA".

She said this was due to international health standards signed by both the SA and the Bahamas.

Bhengu said the family was upset with the decision.

"At the moment everyone is down, I even got sick, we're just trying to see one last time, it was our light, it was all ours, it was our breadwinner, we lost a lot of our family and that makes it harder. "

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