WATCH: Woman arrested in protest against Union Buildings


A woman who staged a naked protest in front of the Union Buildings in Pretoria on Wednesday morning was arrested.

Gugu Ncube demonstrated outside the seat of government after claiming she had been abused by the University of South Africa (Unisa) and the South African Police Service (SAPS).

Ncube claims her boss in a former center sponsored by Unisa has asked her for sexual favors in return for keeping her job. She said the allegation that she had resigned was wrong.

She says this was the time when her manager made the unwanted and unsolicited progress.

"I would like Unisa's management to present my resignation letter to the country, the Thuma Foundation, the Gender Equality Commission and other interested parties that they claim I offered, which is my demand," said she told News24 this morning before she started protesting.

When asked why she chose a naked protest, Ncube said she had "nothing left to protect."

"Nakedness is a sign of my dignity that I was robbed of, I have nothing left to protect, my dignity is gone."

She wants President Cyril Ramaphosa to take note of this alleged abuse.

Ncube said she was mistreated after she reported her boss to the police.

"I saw first hand [a] Commissioner sits on my alleged tribunal and takes a bribe to discredit me.

"I saw corrupt policemen arrest me without trial because my offender has money to pay them, and I'm heard," she said.

Gugu Ncube is holding a protest outside the Union

Gugu Ncube is holding a protest in front of the Union Buildings in Pretoria on March 13, 2019. (Supplied)

However, Unisa says that Ncube's claims are "misinterpreted".

"It is regrettable that Ms. Ncube's action continues to include the name Unisa in her dispute with UCECE (Unisa Center for Early Childhood Education), discrediting our name, and we respect her right to fight for what she does Unjustified, we appeal to them to refrain from their actions, and that the name of the university should not be involved in this matter because it is only between them and UCECE, "said Unisa Principal and Vice Chancellor Mandla Makhanya in a statement ,

The agency said Ncube is employed by UCECE, an outside company formerly sponsored by Unisa.

The police spokesman for Sunnyside, Captain Daniel Mavimbela, confirmed that Ncube had been arrested.

"Our members were called after it was reported that a woman in the Union Buildings was naked.

"It is expected that she will be charged with public indecency and should soon appear in court, it is an offense to be naked in a public place," he said.

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