ANC GP takes Faith Mazibuko to integrity commission for "combo dish"


The ANC in Gauteng has referred MEC Faith Mazibuko, Sports and Leisure of the Province, to the Commission for the Integrity of Provinces Audio clip in which she hears employees threatened with dismissal as she pressures her to deliver sports facilities known as "Combined Degrees" prior to the 2019 national elections.

She also hears that some departments of the province did not want to work with white or Indian people.

The recording, released amaBhungane on Wednesday, features a furious-sounding Mazibuko, which provides that planned "combo dishes" on which various sports codes can be played would help boost the ANC's votes in the May 8 election pick up .

"We want to use it to campaign and win elections," says the MEC.

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The ANC in the province has expressed a shock. His provincial secretary Jacob Khawe told News24 that he had already spoken with Mazibuko.

"We've already called her to explain her comments and we find her unhappy, irresponsible and embarrassing," Khawe said.

During her tirade, Mazibuko chastises two high-ranking employees – who were assumed to be Indian and White – because she spoke to her.

"That's why some departments do not want to see a white woman or an Indian woman! It's not about racism, it's about having you speak English!"

Khawe told News24 that a decision had already been made and communicated with the MEC, telling her that she had to appear before the provincial commission of the party.

The provincial secretary said that although there was no excuse for Mazibuko's behavior, the ANC in Gauteng wanted to understand the circumstances that led to her tirade.

"We stand at all times against those who perpetuate racism in our country, we find that their testimony is the same as those who do it," Khawe said.

He also said that the ANC wanted to apologize to the residents of Gauteng, especially the Whites and the Indians, and stated that the party believed Mazibuko knew their actions were in the wrong.

Mazibuko has since apologized"At no time have I given unlawful instructions to the officers of the department."