Cyclone wants to hit Mozambique hard tonight, dozens have already been killed


A big hurricane is expected to land in Mozambique Thursday night, causing high wind speeds and rain.

The storm is expected to give the country a massive blow if it has already killed 66 people before the storm in Mozambique.

News24 reported that an additional 45 people died in Malawi on Wednesday as a result of floods.

The cyclone, called Tropical Cyclone Idai, is gaining strength in the Indian Ocean and is expected to hit the land in the city of Beira in the province of Sofala.

"It [Idai] is on the way to Beira, it will land tonight " South African Weather Service Forecasting Jan Vermeulen told News24 on Thursday.

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"It's an intense tropical cyclone, it will have winds of 105 knots (200 km / h) when it lands," Vermeulen said.


South African officials are working with their counterparts in Mozambique through the National Joint Operations Center to share information about the storm and its likely impact.

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It is expected with extensive flooding.

"We expect more than 100 mm of rain in some places, and in some places can even reach 200 mm or more, mainly wind damage and high waves that can reach 10 meters high," Vermeulen said, adding that storm surges also a problem.

Mozambican cabinet spokesman Ana Comoana said that "the government has issued a red alert due to the ongoing rains and the approach of tropical cyclone Idai, which is expected to reach the country between Thursday and Friday," said Al Jazeera.

Cyclones are typical of Mozambique at this time of year, but there are concerns that the weather will increase in intensity.

According to the National Institute for Disaster Management in Mozambique, the National Operational Emergency Center (CENOE) is prepared for extreme weather events. In 2017, CENOE demonstrated the use of drones to help teams assess the impact and scale of natural disasters.

According to the Mozambican master plan for disaster risk reduction 2017-2030, the National Institute for Disaster Management in Mozambique argues that over the last 20 years the country has experienced an increasing intensity and frequency of extreme weather events.

News24 reported that the Tropical Storm Dineo hit Mozambique in February with winds of more than 166 km / h. It was followed by Tropical Storm Desmond, which was hit in January.

Weather service It showed that the storm off the east coast of Mozambique was at wind speeds of over 100 km / h.

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