HOW IT WORKS: Nene insists on not receiving any gifts and offers vacancies to the Gupta family – #StateCaptureInquiry


Zondo says he is concerned that people in an election year do not want to venture out of fear of badly painted their organizations. He worries about how few people come to share evidence with the Commission.

Nene: "Chairman, I think what I said concerns everything I can say on this subject because I said we are not wired the same way, but also that for some of us our positions and our titles actually much more important than we are as humans. "

Nene: "Without these titles we may be nothing and forget at the end of the day that we are buying these titles for a reason, so we actually make an oath to live by, our constitution and our oath office should actually be the guiding principle but sometimes, and as I said earlier, we can – and that is perhaps one of the reasons why I always say that I would not make a very good politician because I do not believe in the language that says, "Me was quoted from the context ".

Nene: "I believe I have not been honest, and there is a need to be honest, but standing in front of such a commission is an opportunity for our country to deal with past issues and to be able to And I think it is indeed tragic that we do not bring many of our colleagues forward. "