Actress Palesa Madisakwane was involved in a terrible car accident after a "drunk driver" found her


2019-03-15 10:49

Lusanda Luyenge

Palesa Madisakwane

Palesa Madisakwane (PHOTO: Palesa Madisakwane Instagram)

Cape Town TV personality Palesa Madisakwane was involved in a tragic car accident allegedly caused by a drunken driver.

The actress, who shares a daughter with Somizi Mhlongo, took her Instagram page to express her gratitude that she and her 9-year-old daughter found it alive after being involved in a collision last week.

Speak with DRUM About the accident, Palesa said that this took place on Witkoppen Road in Johannesburg while she and her daughter drove home late at night after attending a wedding of their relatives.

After she left her relatives and passed a traffic light, an unexpected impact occurred.

"After turning the robots to the right and the robots turning right, I noticed a fast car coming in. I can not really see at this point because the lights of the car blinded me."

Palesa added how confused she was minutes after the crash. Her mind did not understand what had just happened. She said that she first realized that she had a car accident when her daughter screamed "Mama" on the back of the car.

"After my daughter yelled at me, it hit me, I tried to open the car doors, and they did not open, including the windows, I tried to tear down the windows, but I failed."

Palesa said the accident could have been worse and expressed how grateful she was for the drivers on the road who stopped to help them. They were like "angels" sent from heaven.

"Most of all, I thank the people who stopped their cars and came out to help us, usually the drivers slow down in an accident and eventually pass, but those people who saved our lives really were our guardian angels back then If they were not, my children would have lost mother and sister. "

Palesa and her daughter were taken to the hospital after the car accident, where they received medical treatment, and an arrest was made for the allegedly drunk driver who had tried to leave the scene after the accident.

Several attempts were made to receive a comment from the Douglasdale Police Station when this case was reported, but they did not comment at the time of publication. DRUM updates the article as soon as a comment is received.

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Palesa had a message to all the drivers who drink and drive:

"I want all the drivers who drink and drive to know that they are selfish and mischievous, I have never drank or smoked in my life, today I have a scar that cost me a job because of a nasty person I did not think about the car. I want the law to be stricter, that you kill innocent lives. "

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