Ghana-Togo: Three Togolese "secret agents" escape lynching in Ghana

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Suspects to the police

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Ghana-Togo: Three Togolese "secret agents" escape lynching in Ghana

© Wednesday 02 January 2019 – Three Togolese suspected of being secret agents entered Ghana Search Ghana by an unauthorized road in the Volta Region bordering Togo.

The three secret agents, whose names are not yet known, have been described as part of the Togolese Army. They escaped a lynching in Amoako, Jasikan district, from the people without the intervention of the Ghanaian police.

The first information reveals that they entered the Ghana Search Ghana by an unapproved road for the purpose of arresting an individual who fled Togo to Ghana Search Ghana and that they described as dissident. Ghanaian security services were unaware of the presence of Togolese soldiers on Ghanaian soil.

According to our TV3 colleagues who quoted the Volta Police Commander, the people who arrested the three wanted to make corrections.

Commissioner Francis Doku of the Jasikan Police has been informed of the attempt of residents to lynch soldiers who entered Ghana Search Ghana and took steps to rescue them.

The regional commander revealed that the three officers, after a brief detention, were released following a discussion with a Togolese Army official close to the Volta. They were escorted to the Togolese border to avoid being attacked again by the inhabitants.

Pending further clarification on this curious case, some voices say that the three agents have flouted the procedure to follow when leaving his territory. The regional police have stated that Interpol Ghana Search Ghana will discuss the outcome of the case with his counterpart Togolese.

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