Togo: opposition rejects power reforms and calls for ECOWAS project

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The Togolese opposition deputies deserted the National Assembly Wednesday as the review of the draft constitutional amendment bill introduced by the Togolese government two weeks ago began. Opposition lawmakers do not intend to join in the government's attempt to "decide what suits it". Following the same logic, the Coalition of 14 political parties demands that the proposals of the constitutional expert of ECOWAS, which are real progress, be taken into account.

It is an encore repetita which one attended the National Assembly Wednesday. As in September-October 2018, Togolese opposition deputies refused to participate in the examination of the draft law on constitutional revision introduced in Parliament the government.

For them, the project as adopted by the government comes from the will of the Togolese authorities to decide and impose what suits them, in the margin of the approach of the ECOWAS experts.

"… the government, as usual, presents again, this time on the sidelines of the ECOWAS experts, a text that would allow, in this crisis situation, the party in power to decide and impose what it's right for him, "said Isabelle Manavi Améganvi, the chair of the ANC parliamentary group.

For Ameganvi, the objective of the opposition parliamentarians remains the final settlement of the Togolese crisis. As a result, she believes that there is no question of being complicit in a "politically harmful game by participating in the study of the bill adopted by the government".

… Real progress on the points concerned

Following the same logic as the opposition MPs, the Coalition of 14 political parties, in a statement indicates that the draft reforms proposed by the constitutional expert of ECOWAS "marks real progress on the points concerned" even if he does not take into account all his concerns in this matter.

The grouping of the opposition then affirms that it "decides to accept as it stands, the text proposed by the ECOWAS while continuing its fight" aimed at a complete restoration of the Constitution of 1992.

Note that the proposals of the constitutional expert of ECOWAS, Professor Alioune Badara Fall are articles 59, 60 and 100 of the Constitution in force in Togo. The text contains a limitation of the presidential mandate to two terms of 5 years and adds that no one can exercise more than 2 terms. There is also the two-round voting system, as well as the recomposition of the Constitutional Court, whose term of office is limited.